Tuesday 4 April 2023

Morning Walk

 A rather gray morning but mild enough for the beginning of April.

 The first goslings that we've seen so far this Spring. Just 2 which probably means the parks people found the nest and addled most of the eggs.  There will be many more goose families soon.

Construction has begun on an apartment building right near the lake. I think it's going to be 6 floors.

 This afternoon the sun came out for a while and it was very cozy on the porch. I finished the mystery I was reading then had a little nap.

Thanks for coming by,  GM



  1. I feel sad about the construction near that lake! I am glad you are able to take nice walks!

  2. Such a cute little goose family. It's sad about the eggs, but I do know how much of a mess a flock of geese can make. Are you happy about the aparment building? We had a lovely afternoon of almost 70F before it started cooling off with a low of about 29F predicted. No wonder we have tornadoes 100 miles east of us while we have blizzard warnings 100 miles north tonight! Crazy weather.

  3. Oh ya...nap time!! Sounds great 'bout now
    Those goslings are so cute!!


  4. Too bad the skyline will be marred by another tall building! Interesting that the parks people would even be able to get close enough to a goose nest to addle the eggs - from what I remember about geese, they can get pretty aggressive! We're in the middle of a winter storm with lots of snow so I will be happy to stay indoors with a book. Which mystery did you just finish?

  5. Little goslings!! How cute!! We have quite a number of geese in our community. I fully support nap time!

  6. Many greetings to you and to your house from Dori from the cold Bavarian Forest! Easter-blessings to you all! I love the goose-family! It's so fine you two make your daily morning-walks! What a fine love!

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderfully peaceful day!

  8. Nana Naps on the porch sound like a great way to enjoy a warmer day! :)