Tuesday, 5 July 2022

Another Day, another Walk

 Another lovely morning walk. This lavender plant in the parking lot caught my eye.

I counted at least 8 bunnies as we walked. Some were so little and seemed unafraid of us ( until we got too close. Then the hopped away).

I have exactly ONE raspberry bush and this is the first year it has produced any fruit.  The plant was given to me and I plunked it in an empty spot. It really  has grown too big for that spot.

I baked rhubarb muffins and we've been enjoying them with our coffee. Next time I make them I'll make a crumble topping. Or increase the sugar. The rhubarb is quite tart.

 I'm glad the information about the dog days of summer didn't bore you. I debated whether to include it.

If I could ask that the ones who comment as anonymous could leave a name or even a nickname ( if you're hesitant to leave your real name). It just seems so impersonal to have it anonymous. I do enjoy reading the comments.

Thanks for visiting,  GM

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  1. I just love rhubarb, Granny and your muffins do look delicious. I love raspberries too!

  2. Your title could have been my title and I too saw LOTS of rabbits. :)
    The rhubarb muffins looks delicious.

  3. Rhubarb muffins sound quite intriguing :)

  4. I made some muffins this week, too, for my guests and for an event we went to together. Then I ate too many! So this is one time when your pictures aren't making my mouth water.

  5. Catherine. You make me think I must get my rhubarb in the garden ! This last weekend I baked muffins as well. I will try rhubarb ones with a crumble topping.
    We used to have baby rabbits in the garden but we had to struggle with the dog . When taking the dog for a walk in the evening my husband sees dears, foxes and rabbits.

  6. Rhubarb muffins are delicious... and so are your fresh raspberries.
    Many greetings to you and have a wonderful day. viola

  7. I like to have a name too in the comments...just so I can repay THEIR visit!!

    Muffins look yummy. And such a beautiful bush.

  8. Hello Granny M.! I dream of having just one lavender plant like the one you pictured from your walk...just one. For some reason I have a hard time growing it. Your walks always sound so lovely.

  9. I sure do miss my lavender that I had at our house in Spokane. I just showed your photo to Dennis and he said he would make a spot for some here. I'm not sure the best time to plant it, I'll have to investigate. Maybe it won't be until next summer.
    The muffins look delicious. I haven't made any baked goods for awhile.

  10. This lavender plant is wonderful! I think it smells marvellous!

    I love raspberries. We have some plants in our garden, not so many fruits this year.

    Your muffins look very fine!

  11. What a beautiful lavender, and how nice that it has been left safely there. I imagine the bees love it.

  12. What a lovely walk! Maybe you could take a snap of the bunnies if you see them again. Yay for the fruit! And the muffins look good! No baking going on here right now, too hot.

  13. Hi GM! I may have comment as annoymous, for some reason it defaults to that and you have to go it and sign in again to blogger to get your name to pop up. What a joy to have fruit produced for something you've grown. I'm waiting on my two just planted this year, maybe next year, maybe it's early as they took off after the rains. Everything looks so lush and green after a good rain. I have purchased another Lavender plant, and I've yet not decided whether I'll put it in a pot or the ground. One thing I just cannot grow is Lemon Verbena, or maybe they don't do well in pots, I've just lost another one, I cut the last 2 green stems off and put them in water I t hope they root.