Thursday 8 June 2023

Waterlilies, Books, and Petunias

 Our weather continues to be hot and dry.  It's such a pleasure to walk in the cool of early morning. I can't see myself being outside in the afternoons.  There were lots of squirrels and bunnies in the park and when we walked over the boardwalk a cheeky raccoon peered up at us from the murky water. I wonder what it found to eat down there.

Gretchen Joanna asked what will happen to the waterlilies in summer.  They stay green and cover so much of the lake. Where the strange machine has access it pulls them out but it can't get to the areas between the shore and boardwalk. This picture from last year shows the machine ( I have no idea what it is called) dumping its load onto the shore.  Apparently waterlilies make excellent compost.

I dropped off some boxes at the thrift store yesterday and found some reading material for those afternoons on the porch.

 Diane in northern wis....Yes, I have seen those dark purple  speckled Petunias. Isn't Night Sky just the perfect name for them? This picture is off the internet.

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  1. Since we share the same general weather here south of the border, you know that we are very dry here too. Fire danger will be with us now until October. that is not a fun prospect. We'// enjoy the green og June as long as we have it.

  2. I wonder what that machine is called! It sure is effective! We are having bad air here because of the smoke so no walking outside for me yet.... so fun to get some good reading material!

  3. I spent time relaxing with a book today and a cuppa of course :)

    All the best Jan

  4. Oh those petunia are beautiful and what a perfect name for them.

  5. I remember years ago on vacation out west somewhere when the kids were small. We went over the continental divide and right on on the divide was a small mountain lake just completely covered with lily pads and flowers. It was the most beautiful sight. I never even thought of them needing to be removed for any reason. Those petunias! Oh WOW! They are beautiful. I don't think I've seen that kind before. Of course purple is my most favorite color of all, so that helps. :-)
    Hope your Friday is a lovely one my friend. Ours will be busy. We're buying Mom's small amount of groceries, then taking her and Piper out to lunch before Piper and I go to see the new Little Mermaid movie. A fun day for sure because then Piper and Miss Lizzie will spend the night with us. We always enjoy that.
    Blessings and hugs,

  6. Your thrift store books look good. Joanna Trollope is an author I've enjoyed, and Alexandra Stoddard's book is one I had, gave away in a move, and wish I had kept!

  7. "Night sky" is so beautiful! I think it's okay to remove the too-many waterlilies. I heard in our radio about fires in the forests of Canada.

  8. Gorgeous petunias!..and the name is perfect!

  9. Night skies is the perfect name! I always love seeing what you find at the thrift stores.

  10. Such a nice petunia color! Here it is dry and 30 degrees C

  11. How lucky we are, this spring we have good rain compared to previous years...
    beautiful petunia.
    I wish you a happy weekend.
    Do you bake something?
    Hug of Viola

  12. Aquatic Weed Harvester! They really do the job! Pretty Petunia!

  13. Nice with some new books and the Petunia is just beautiful!
    Have a lovely Sunday now...

  14. Beautiful petunias!! It's hot and humid here too, makes it hard to be outside for any length of time. Hope you're enjoying a good day.