Saturday 28 October 2023

Morning Walk


It was a chilly morning when we walked around Willband Creek. We were hoping to see swans because we'd heard they had been seen earlier in the week. They were not on the water but 3  did fly over our heads. We spotted an eagle flying with something hanging from his talons, most probably his breakfast.
There was a variety of waterfowl including widgeons and Hooded Mergansers.

I moved my pumpkins and gourds from the front steps to the back by my garden shed.  I remembered how last year around this time the kittens climbed over the pumpkins.  I hope all 5 are happy in their forever homes.

Along with moving the pumpkins to the back I'm slowing putting away Autumn decorations.  It's almost November and I'm thinking about winter now. We've had frost these past mornings and I noticed today that my 3 Dahlias in pots are blackened.  

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  1. Everything looks cozy...Going to be in the 40's here Monday!

  2. May the beauty of God's love surround you too.

  3. That must be a beautiful place to walk and see all of the birds. I've never seen a swan in flight, I think that would be a sight.
    I usually keep my fall decorations out until after Thanksgiving, when Christmas appears. I just finished a Christmas diamond painting that I'm looking forward to putting out.
    Blessings and hugs,

  4. Winter is coming on strong here, very cold:(

  5. Hard to believe it will be November this week.

  6. Pumpkins say Hallo, flowers say bye bye. The orange leaves in this time of the year are amazing! You did such a good deed for all the cat-babies. God may bless all your childrencats! Swans and big birds flying over you: What a wonderful world! Here still it is quite warm, today we have even summer! happy laundry day for you!
    Many greetings from Dori from the Bavarian Forest - slowly we appear a special holy time....

  7. We have a couple of frosts up to this point, but we are to have some very low temps this week with the highs in the 30s, so I am guessing that after this week, the "prettiness" of fall will be gone.