Wednesday 29 May 2024

Puzzles and Peonies


 Days go by so quickly it seems.Our weather continues to be cool and wet. Yesterday we walked in heavy rain, today was much better, the rain was so light we didn't bother carrying umbrellas. Now it's getting close to lunchtime and I see the sun has actually come out.

We used to do a lot of puzzles but when it became more difficult  to see we put them aside. While tidying up a closet I found this 500 piece one and we decided to give it a try. I don't think we'll do very many in summer but maybe next winter we will get back into them.  No more 1000 piece ones though.


In spite of the rain my one and only peony is blooming. I brought some in to enjoy.

Yesterday we dropped off another 4 or 5 boxes at the thrift store as I continue to declutter my house. I was afraid to go in to the store in case I found some treasures that I couldn't resist.
Nothing much else to blog about.  If the weather improves I'll be in the garden ( in case you drop by).

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  1. What a cute puzzle. I have several waiting to be done. Often when it is too hot to be outside I'll bring out a puzzle and get to work on it.
    Your peonies are so big and beautiful. I'll bet they smell wonderful too.
    Hope your weather becomes more conducive to gardening soon.

  2. Still waiting for my peony buds to burst. They are nearly there! Yours is beautiful.

  3. I like the puzzle. We usually do puzzles in the winter too.
    Lovely peonies.

  4. That looks a nice puzzle.
    I do like peonies, such a lovely flower.

    Hope your weather improves.

    All the best Jan

  5. I think I will probably have a puzzle going from now on....I have worked more since Christmas than I did the previous 3 or 4, maybe even more than the previous 5 years as I would only let myself work 2 or 3...seems like now that I keep one going, I can limit my time working on it whereas when I just worked one every now and then, I would sit and sit and sit.

    Decluttering is a never ending job, isn't it? We just moved here a little over a year ago...and I have more stuff to donate. I won't let myself stop at yard sales and seldom a thrift store for the same reason you don't...afraid I will find something I can't resist.

  6. You know that I'm a quilter and I love that puzzle. It will be fun to put together. My peonies have no smell. I'm discovering that many of my flowers have lost their beautiful scent. Could it be hybrids? Have you noticed this too?

  7. We don't do puzzles but when I have worked on one I can see that they could be addictive. I do work several "puzzles" in the daily newspaper. When I finally got to it I did get an hour in the garden, long enough to see lots more jobs to do. Maybe tomorrow. I did get in a mile+ walk with Tom this morning.

  8. Husband is the resident puzzle guy I have no interest I see all those pieces and I walk away lol.
    Sorry you have had so much rain we had a rainy spring but the weather seems better but I am keeping my fingers crossed.
    My peony is budded but not open yet. They are so beautiful.

  9. Haha, I know that feeling of not being able to resist "treasures!" Your peony is beautiful. I hope the weather cleared enough for you to be able to enjoy getting out into the garden for a while :)

  10. Here in our home in the Bavarian Forest we have the same weather, the same light rose flower, cut for a small bowl, is decorating my table!!!! Just our puzzles are not so large, because my granddaughters are very young :)
    And: My time is running as fast as your time ..

  11. Love the puzzle. I have two that I like that I haven't even taken out of the box because of the lack of a place to put them together. One is a scene of a place in Hawaii that I love. I'd love to put it together and then frame it for my wall. Maybe someday.

  12. I don't work 1000 piece puzzles for the same reason. At one time that's all I would work. Now I work 300 & 500 piece puzzles. I still enjoy them. We've had a lot of rain also, our problem with that is it brings a lot of flooding. Hope you're enjoying a great day.☺♥

  13. Fun puzzle...and I'm Still decluttering...slowly! lol

  14. I love peonies. Their smell is heavenly. I used to have several plants in our yard in Spokane. Congratulations on the decluttering. I need to do some too. Even though we've only been in the condo a year, it's amazing how fast things multiply.
    We have thunderstorms predicted AGAIN, to begin within an hour, then rain for the next few days. We've already had more rain so far this summer than in the past three years together!

  15. Our rain continues as well which has meant sloshing through the standing water on the lawn to get to the raised flowerbeds. My double peonies are nowhere near to that stage yet though the single (fern-leaf) ones are ready to open. That puzzle looks like it was alot of fun! I am too OCD to leave a puzzle alone once I've started one and I enjoy the ones with lots of "clutter", definitely not the ones with scenery as I don't have the patience anymore - a sign of age?

  16. I sure enjoy puzzles! Your peonies look perfect!

  17. I'm sorry that I missed stopping in yesterday. That puzzle is really neat! And I agree with you...I found a place where puzzles are more reasonably priced, but no more 1000 piece ones for us. The peony blooms are so pretty and delicate.