Monday, 29 November 2021

Floods, Tea Pots, and an Anniversary

Our flooded farmland surrounding town is still very much under water. Another "atmospheric river" is on its way. Apparently the new term was created because these extreme weather conditions may become more common in the years to come. Many local streets are closed as well. Our immediate area is in no danger but we feel for the people who have to evacuate then later go back to heaven-knows-what.


 The army was called in and have been busy building dikes. This "tiger dam" is essentially a enormous tube which is filled with water; the tubes are capable of being stacked up to a maximum of 32 feet and can be linked together seamlessly for miles.

On a more cheerful note I went to the thrift store and found yet another teapot that I loved. It's the one on the left.  I already had the others and since I couldn't think where to display them I put them on the table.


Tomorrow ( November 30) is our 58th  anniversary. I was too lazy to go looking for a different photo and just took a picture of a picture ( it was in a scrapbook).  My, but we were young.

teacup # 38

Thanks for coming by,   GM


  1. Talked to our daughter today, as she drove through the deep puddles! They're all safe but she says the roads down from her place 'on the mountain' are a mess!

  2. What a sweet couple you were and still you are! Congratulations! 58 years!

    O this flood! What an extreme weather - and the climate will do so on. So the best you can do is, what you do: staying cheerful and calm and have some nice ideas.

    Thanks goodness your home is save!!

    Here in our region we have problems with the pandemie. Maybe you have heard this in radio or TV.

    I really love these Sante Klaus in the header!! :) They look old and white, but very fit and interested! Marvellous pictures !

  3. That water looks dreadful but I love your tea pots! And the photo is lovely, Happy Anniversary!

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    1. Sandi, I can't seem to comment on your blog. I can't figure it out.

  5. Happy anniversary! What a beautiful couple you were! I hope your day tomorrow is wonderfully special in every way!

  6. Happy Anniversary! My what a beautiful picture of you two! And I love that teacup too!

  7. Such devastation. So sad.
    Love your latest tea pot.
    Happy Anniversary!

  8. Oh my goodness the water is still so high. I'm so sorry for your area that they are having to deal with all of this. Those tubes are amazing. The teapot is beautiful. Your wedding photo is beautiful. I love the look on your husbands face as he looks at you. He's obviously in love with his beautiful wife. COngratulations on 58 years together and Happy Anniversary tomorrow!
    Blessings and hugs,

  9. Happy Anniversary, you young and sweet things! The years fly by, don't they? Love the lattice on the saucer and the feet on the teacup - such intricate detail.
    The flooding is so awful, and there's another atmospheric river to come.

  10. Happy Anniversary!! May God bless the next ten or twenty years as well!

  11. Happy Anniversary! Lovely photo.
    It's so sad to think of people having to face a home which is devastated by water.

  12. We are right behind you...going on 54 years here...congrats on your 58th anniversary...something to be proud of!!!
    My goodness, that water everywhere seems to be deeper each time you share. Pray it dries out sooner than later.
    Lovely tea cup & grand tea pots. (I don't recall your first name)

  13. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY G.M., that is a beautiful Wedding Photo. Stay well and safe there. Best Wishes. KEV.

  14. Happy Anniversary!

    Oh, I always feels bad for people that have to deal.with flooding.

    Love your new teapot.

  15. What an unsettling time for everyone in your area especially with more "atmospheric rivers" forecasted. I hope you can find some special way of celebrating your anniversary! What a beautiful picture of the two of you!

  16. Happy, Happy Anniversary. What a darling photo of the two of you. I hope you enjoy a special day today. Perhaps a warming cup of tea from the beautiful new tea pot.
    The flooding in your area is just heartbreaking. I can't begin to imagine more to come. I do hope they are wrong about that.

  17. Happy Anniversary to you and your sweetie. What a great picture,I love how he is looking at you. Beautiful teapots. That flooding looks awful, and those people who are building the pipe, thank God for them. Very scary.

  18. Happy anniversary to you both. WOW! What a message of commitment and dedication your many years of marriage speaks. I love it!!! So many today can't commit to anything much less marriage. So happy for you both to be able to celebrate this many years together. I am so sorry about the flooding in your area. That is a very frightening to say the least. So glad you all are safe and sound. Love your newest addition to your tea pots! Hope your week is going well dear GM. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

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  20. Happy Anniversary! Yes you look so young!

  21. Such a beautiful wedding photo ... thanks for that, I love to look at it.
    Happy anniversary.

  22. I knew you all had flooding up there with the heavy rains, but I had no idea it was that bad. So sorry!
    The wedding photo is so adorable! I love how he's looking at you.