Sunday 14 November 2021

This and That

 It's Sunday evening and it has been a very wet day. I believe we've had almost 4 inches of rain today which will probably break records. A number of roads are closed due to flooding. We didn't go walking but we went to look for some new Christmas lights. Not only did we find some I also spotted this cute little Lemon Cypress(?) in a Christmas tin.

Up on the shelves in the sunroom 7 of the little houses had burned-out bulbs which middle son was kind enough to change.

I made some Cranberry Orange Marmalade. It's very tasty and I'm sure I'll be making this recipe again.


These pretty little teacups with elf-ear handles are a recent thrifty buy. I think I'll just lump them together as # 32.

 Thanks for visiting. Have a great Monday!

Granny M.


  1. Wow: teacups with elf-ears!!

    What a nice decoratiion in te shelves, supported by your son. I always enjoy the love in your house and one mind.

    Terrible rain: I'm afraid of these extremes, this is the changing of the climate, worldwide. I have a friend from Sri Lanka, she tells, the raintimes are heavier than in former times.

    God may bless and save us all - -

  2. Elf ear handles to me. Well, not new, but the term is.

    I bet that marmalade is delicious. (My favorite muffin is orange cranberry).

  3. And the rain is still pouring down over here. I think we might all need boats! The cranberry orange marmalade sounds delicious - would you share your recipe? Lovely little elf-eared teacups!

  4. That little lemon cypress is adorable.
    You have an ideal display area in your sunroom for the Christmas village. It really looks nice. Hooray for helpful sons!!
    Gosh that marmalade looks delicious. Cranberry and orange go so well together at this time of year.
    I had never heard the tea cup handles being called elf ears. After looking at them it makes perfect sense.

  5. I like cranberries in any form, we had some snow yesterday the 1st of the season, but I'm sure not the last.

  6. Elf-ear...I did not know they were called that but should have just from their looks. They are pretty teacups, too. The cranberry orange marmelade sounds good, and bet Roger would love it, too.

  7. Granny Marigold, I hope you and your family are ok. I just heard a dike burst in your town and immediately thought of you.
    Take care!❤️❤️

  8. What lovely little houses. A great place to display them.

  9. Hope you're ok with all the rain you've been getting.

  10. There were no fresh cranberries in our store last week. I
    I'll check again this week, but the report on TV said drought and rain on both ends of the season had damaged the crop. I think that goes for the New England crop as will as the pacific Northwest crop. Sure home we get some.

  11. Elf-ears! Very suitable for the season! I love the little cypress. They are so lovely. You are really good at making jellies and jams! Sorry about all that rain! That's too much of a good thing!

  12. Thank goodness you've got good helpers relighting your little houses! Oooh love those teacups too!

  13. Four inches is a lot of rain. Makes one appreciate a nice snug home. It is definitely time to get the little houses lit for the holidays! Yay for Middle Son! Cranberry Orange Marmalade sounds perfect for the season.

  14. I'm sorry about all of the rain. It's been dry here since last week. I used to have a lot of villages that I put out for the winter times but I gave them to Mandy several years ago.
    Love the sweet little cups. The handles do look like elf ears.

  15. Cranberry Orange sounds like a good mixture! Pretty set of teacups!

  16. Love the ADORABLE little houses!

    Your cranberry orange marmalade sounds delish, Granny Marigold.