Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Storm and a Recipe

 Just a few images of the devastation that all that rain caused. Mudslides and flooding over much of B.C.  We're so fortunate not to have been affected much, didn't even lose power as so many tens of thousands did.

In the park this morning we saw how much the lake has risen. We saw many trees down ( there were also strong winds with the storm.) Here are a couple of photos of surrounding areas of town.

 Lorrie asked if I'd share the recipe for the Cranberry/Orange Marmalade that I made so here it is. I don't remember where I found it and when I copied it out on a recipe card I didn't include much of the info (such as exactly how to cut up the oranges) but I'm sure that won't be a problem.

 Cranberry/Orange Marmalade

2 large or 3 normal seedless oranges
2 cups water

Boil cut up oranges and water for 30 minutes.
Then add 1 cup apple juice
2 and a half cups sugar ( I used only 2)
4 cups cranberries ( I used one bag. Didn't measure to see if it equaled 4 cups.)

Bring to a boil then simmer stirring often until it reaches setting temperature  220F ( 105C)

I don't have a proper thermometer ( that's on my to-buy list) so I sort of guessed and ended up using a small amount of cornstarch to guarantee setting. As you can see it's an extremely easy recipe. 
Oh yes, the recipe did say to keep it refrigerated.

We're enjoying ours on our morning toast and I'm sure I'll be making it again. Really it's no different than the cranberry sauce I've made for Christmas because in recent years I have added orange to the as well.

Teacup #33 made in Japan

As usual I appreciate your visit and the lovely comments so many of you leave. 

Granny M.


  1. Sounds simple enough to make. Will have to get the ingredients and make it. With just the two of us, I will probably cut the recipe in half.

    Pretty tea set. Soft pink!

  2. Cranberry and orange sound delicioua!

  3. Oh my so much damage caused by all that rain. Glad to hear you were not affected all that much. Beautiful cup and saucer.

  4. We've been watching the news and seeing videos and pictures of water and more water. So thankful you're safe! Chris

  5. We were fortunate here to not have flooding or a power outage, but farther north it was a different story. I hope it is done for a while.

  6. Thank you for sharing the recipe. It sounds delicious! The flooding and landslides have been devastating for so many people.

  7. Glad you are ok, hope the weather straightens out soon:)

  8. Oh, my! That destruction is really hard to see. I'm glad your neighborhood is not bad.

  9. That is a beautiful teacup! So much flooding devastation. I saw on the news tonight that over 40 inches of rain has fallen in 30 days. So much rain. I hope things get better soon.

  10. Oh my goodness! We will be praying for all those folks who've been affected by the storms! Thankful you guys didn't have to go through so much of that!! // Thank you for posting the recipe... I had been wondering about how you made it, too! Take care and be blessed, my friend!!

  11. We are having very strange weather too in our country, many flooding and many storms. It is difficult to predict the weather nowadays.
    Your marmelade sounds very good!

  12. Loving that tea cup! I tried to comment on your last post but it would never go through. I am quite sure something I done on my end of it wrong! LOL! Mercy! Orange marmalade sounds so easy to do. I may have to give this a try. Thanks for the recipe. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  13. Oh, my, what a lot of rain that must have been. I feel sorry for those that was in the path of the worst of it.

  14. O my Lord, what a cathastrophe!

    Thanks goodness, that you are sheltered. We had some similar pheneomen in summer in the middle of Germany - - -

    Fine that you beware your trusting and calm style by making a fine marmelade and drinking a beautiful tea - - -

  15. Sounds like a fun recipe! I'm so sorry about all the flooding in your area. Very thankful you were not affected!

  16. Extreme climate and destruction is so common these days...

  17. It is sad to see the damages from the bad weather. The cranberry/orange marmalade sounds very good. Maybe a silly question from Norway, are the cranberries fresh? In Norway we only get dried cranberries.

  18. Oh my GM, how awful for those affected. Trees soak up water. Where I live they continue to cut down trees and plant more cement and asphalt, because we need more,more more stores,and bigger developments for the McMansions. We get some flooding in my area, not to this degree. Those poor souls. Glad that you and your family were unaffected, and are safe.