Tuesday, 30 November 2021

This and That

 It's still raining here. I didn't even try to go walking, instead I spent the morning going through old cards and such. I decided I'd keep only as many as could fit into a smallish  suitcase.  I find it hard to throw away cards from dear ones.  Of course I kept all the drawings made for me by my children and grands. Those are so precious.

I found another wedding photo;  we are very serious. No smiling allowed. No pictures were allowed during the ceremony so this was taken after.

I often complain jokingly that packages are delivered almost daily to my son and DIL but not to me. Ignoring the fact that I don't order anything. Well, today TWO packages came for me neither of which I had ordered. I was even more confused when I opened the boxes. Each contained 3 random items. Package #1 contained a small book of journal prompts, a box of fruit fly traps (some of which had been removed), and a sort of coffee stomper which I'm told is for an espresso machine. Package #2 had 2 collapsible dog bowls, a jar of silver polish and an extremely heavy mortar and pestle.  


Teacup #39

Thanks for popping by,   G.M.


  1. Now that was a random assortment of things. Did you ever figure out where it came from?
    I kept lots of cards and photos too but got rid of a lot when we sold the house. I really like the wedding picture but could never figure out why you can't smile in some photos.
    Another beautiful teacup!
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. How odd. Did you find out where they were from?

  3. You were a beautiful bride!
    Love the coffee cup.
    Maybe those orders were misdelivered?!!

  4. What an interesting? assortment of items you received. Be careful what you ask for.

  5. I am curious about your packages...did you know/find out who they were from and could you use the items in them? That is a beautiful cup.

  6. Lovely photo even if you do look very serious! We too couldn't have photos taken at our ceremony and hubby was definitely not allowed to kiss the bride. Funny packages that came your way...did you find out from whence they had come? I actually was considering getting myself a mortar and pestle - maybe send it my way?
    Another lovely teacup!

  7. What funny packages!! Times sure have changed in terms of photography ❤

  8. Funny packages :))))) Who has sent them? I think, our Lord is hearing everything we think or say, so He wanted to make some joke :)))

    What a beautiful wedding photo! I love it!!

    Its a good idea to look over all the cards and things collecting in the years. You are right to find the best and to save the gems of the children.

  9. Interesante tu entrada. La foto de boda es muy bonita y tus teteras me encantan. Un beso.

  10. Perhaps you will find out where the parcels came from ... I sent one to Sardinia myself, but gave the sender.
    Many greetings to you. Hopefully the rain has stopped.

  11. It looks like Santa Claus is messing around a bit in his old days :) Strange packages to get! Happy anniversary, such a young beutiful bride!

  12. Your mystery packages are so interesting! I wonder if somebody is sending you gifts during December? They seem useful at least!

  13. Oh - I LOVE the wedding photo!!

  14. I love that wedding photo, do you have any copies Mom?