Wednesday 24 November 2021


 To all my American friends I wish a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving!!

 We here in Canada of course had ours the second weekend in October. I'm always glad to have those extra weeks to get ready for Christmas.

Nothing much is happening here. We are getting ready for another rain storm which is not forecast to be as bad as the one we had earlier. 
I had my eye appointment this morning and I don't need new glasses. That's the good news. The bad news is that the problem of  dry eyes ( which is making it so hard to read and impossible to do anything like puzzles) is not easy to remedy.  I just have to live with it.

teacup # 37

Thanks for visiting,  GM



  1. What a beautuiful picture of Indian summer !

    Shitt! it shall rain again? Hope not too wet!! I do not like extreme weather - - . - .

    I also have dry eyes. Sometime it is hard to open my eyes after sleeping. With some patience slowly I can open them. Because I have auto-immun, also my mouth is somtimes extremely dry. It is called "Sjörgreen".

    We have to develope our tricks :) . ... . ... ..

  2. Thanks for checking in. I am taking a break for T Day preparations.
    Sorry about your eyes.

  3. Thank you and I'm thankful we are blog friends. :) Thanks too for all the comments. :)
    Love the tea cup and the pretty doily it sits on.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you too my dear friend. That is a beautiful teacup and doily.

  5. Didn’t they gave you eye drops for dry eyes?
    It’s a nice rose tea cup.
    I am also preparing Christmas despite our Covid situation, we will see what is going to happen.

  6. Thanks for the well wishes for the holiday.

    There is no eye drops that would help with dry eyes?! You'd think there would be.

    Beautiful cup/saucer set.

  7. I have dry eyes, too. I was told the Cleveland Clinic is doing surgeries to transplant saliva glands to the eyes and having great success. I will never have the money for that but it would be wonderful to have relief. I will pray for your eyes especially. Happy Thanksgiving and I love that cup. I haven't seen one I don't love yet!

  8. Dry eyes are no fun at all. Do you use any drops? Pink teacups are so feminine and pretty.

  9. Thank you for your Thanksgiving Greetings! You are so sweet.

  10. Having dry eyes must be awful, we rely on our eyes so much. I do hope you can find some remedy to help. Don't give up trying to find something that can bring you relief.
    Hugz, Mxx

  11. No dry eyes are not fun at all! I know! I hope your weekend was cozy and happy :)
    Love from a grey Sweden & Titti

  12. Oh I hope they can figure out your eye issue. The tree photo is beautiful.
    Belssings and hugs,