Friday, 1 July 2022

Canada Day 2022

 The sun is shining and we're all set to celebrate today. For many years we've had a family BBQ here and this year is no exception.,  When the kids were young we'd go watch the parade but now we stay home and watch it on FB where someone is sure to post it.

We walked around the lake as usual. Saw a raccoon  hightailing it across the grass towards the lake. Then a noisy bunch of crows ( a murder of them?) alerted us to another raccoon high in a tree. The raccoon didn't seem to mind them as he made himself comfortable and prepared to take a nap.


I did some baking. There was also a cheesecake but it disappeared rather quickly and I didn't get a picture. The top picture is a lemon square.

About that big unattractive (so far) house being built nearby, I'll take a picture once it's done and post it. No doubt that will be in a couple of months.

That's my post for today. It had been close to a week since I last posted. I think those 35*C days might have been to blame.

Happy July 1st to Canadians ( and to those in the U.S. happy July 4th.

Granny M.



  1. Happy Canada Day! I hope you all enjoy your BBQ :) xx

  2. Happy Canada day GM. Girl, I love me some cheesecake and anything lemon! Happy 4th of July to you as well. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Oh I'd love those lemon squares!! Enjoy your BBQ and Happy Canada Day.

  4. Happy July 1st to you and yours up there! Love the lemon squares, bet the cheesecake was a beauty too!

  5. Happy Canada Day! I hope it was a wonderful celebration with your family. The baked goods look delicious. We've had lots of wildlife, including raccoons and deer in our backyard this week. They are happy roaming around.
    Take care and stay well.

  6. Hope your holiday was happy!! Those lemon bars look mighty delicious!!!

  7. My big congratulations for Canada day! Can you send to me one piece of your fine cakes??? :)

  8. Happy Canada day to you, hope your cook out is fun. Your lemon cake looks yummy and so do the cherry tarts? Hard to believe June is gone, it was a fast month.

  9. Happy Canada Day. I guess I'm a day late, but I might still sing part of your anthem. Oh, Canada! I love your anthem and sing along when we play Canadian teams at the stadium. I guess out boys are in your "home and native land" today.

  10. And, I am late too, but Happy Belated Canada Day. Cheese cake never lasts long here either. The tarts look so good. Raccoons are one of my favorite woodland critters. And the foxes.

  11. A little late... but still - congratulations.
    I'm sure you had a nice day.
    The lemon cake looks great... and then the strawberry jelly tarts :-))))

  12. Catherine. Hope you had an enjoyable day! Ours is July 14th.
    Thank you for the link I found her book in french on Amazon. Very interest!