Sunday 21 May 2023

Mostly Flowers

Our weather has changed and our sky is overcast. This is a welcome break from the heat we've had. We wore jackets when we went walking. I had my camera but found nothing to photograph so  when we came back I went around taking pictures of what's blooming now.

The white Iris was the first to open....

 ...and today the yellow one has opened.  I love the intense yellow colour!

 Lots of Columbines. I'm not sure what colours I had originally but after many years of cross pollinating I have a variety.

 Some bird must have brought the seed for this Bachelor Button (Centaurea ?). I know this plant can be a prolific self-seeder so I'll have to be careful to deadhead.   Miss Kitty managed to photobomb my picture.

 I hope you're having a pleasant relaxing Sunday,   GM


  1. I like the sun but I"m enjoying the coolness too. Same flowers blooming in my garden too.

  2. I looooove that yellow iris!! The white is beautiful too!! My DIL has an abundance of bachelor button in one area of her backyard ... because that's what she wanted, so I obliged by dumping plenty of harvested seeds. LOL! She loves it. Haha at Miss Kitty... she's so pretty! Happy Sunday to you!!

  3. Gorgeous flowers. It look me too long to make out that is a cat. 😂

  4. A walk through your garden is like in paradise - - - Kitty looks like silk!! - - - - All members of your garden are in best care!

  5. Happy Sunday! I had a rough night with my back and couldn't face sitting through church in the pews so I stayed home today. I truly love our new home. I spent most of the day in my recliner surfing the internet, but we have had such nice temperatures and low humidity so the windows have been open. Zoey lays on the deck in the sunshine and I listen to the birds in the trees as I read a book.
    Your flowers are gorgeous, especially that bright yellow iris. It's stunning!
    Have a lovely Monday my friend.

  6. Beautiful flowers! And I love Miss Kitty!

  7. Lovely irises! My bright solid yellow one seems to have crossed polinated with something (if that's possible?) as it's not a clear yellow anymore. For me, it's columbines that are notorious self-seeders so I have eliminated them entirely from my flowerbeda as they grew between the peony stems, in between the irises, everywhere. Now it seems I have brought in yet another annoying self-seeder, some kind of a ground sedum that is now all over the place.

  8. Love irises. I too posted a picture of one - not mine though.

  9. Your irises are gorgeous. I no longer have them so I especially enjoyed seeing yours in their glory. Easy to see why kitty likes to hang out in your garden.

  10. I love iris and I have some nice columbines

  11. It is cool here too and I am loving it. I like your iris. Mine didn't bloom very well this year.