Saturday 2 September 2023

Last of the Hot Days and a Window Project



I believe today was the last of summer's hot days. Tomorrow clouds will move in and bring more moderate temperatures.  Some areas of Canada have already had a taste of what is to come. I saw this on the weather channel:

The first flakes of the season fell across parts of Eastern Canada on Thursday, ending the month of August and the final day of meteorological summer with a dusting of frozen paradise accumulating on roads winding across higher elevations.

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We had two windows in the sunroom that needed changing before winter and today was the day to get that done. DH with the help of 2 sons managed to get it done before lunch which I thought was quick.
There was a minor mishap when DH slashed his finger with an X-acto knife and required several band-aids. The reason the windows needed changing was because the seal between the 2 layers of glass (double pane windows)  had broken and water streaks marred our view. 

pondering the next step

In order to feed my menfolk I got the breadmaker going before we went for our walk. We stopped off at the grocery store and still got home before the dough was ready for me to form into buns and set to rise. Meanwhile  I made a dozen Pear Crumble Muffins from a recipe that I've made 3 times in the past weeks. It's actually  a recipe for peach muffins and the first time I made it I had fresh peaches on hand. The next times I've used pears and that has been just as tasty.

Our walk was around Willband Creek.  Two pictures taken there recently by another walker.

I hope you're having a pleasant weekend. Thanks for coming by,  GM


  1. Pear crumble muffins sounds very good!

  2. It nice to get a home project done sorry he cut himself. Your walk looks lovely our mt washington got some snow toi

  3. Nice to do it before cold weather.
    Your muffins must be good so does peach muffins! I love peaches and have some everyday at the moment

  4. My son just replaced a couple of windows in his cabin!!
    Sorry about the cut finger!!
    Like the bridge in the picture!

  5. Wish I could say our hot weather is over, but we're supposed to have 100+ temperatures again all this week! At this point, I'm hoping we really do get the cold wet winter they are predicting for us!

  6. Lovely that you will be able to see the winter weather through that window with no hindrances!

  7. Incredible: Autumn and such cold weather came so very fast?!!!!
    Good sons you have! Good teamwork for preparing a dry room! Hope your dear husband will soon have a healed finger! I'm really sorry for him! I got a sting of a wasp on my left hand yesterday. Not so nice... A fine meal is important! You make it!!

  8. Your muffins sound great. What good work to get those windows done before lunch! Nice to have such handy people around!

  9. Pear crumble muffins sound so yummy. Well no sign of lower temps here, but I know, hope, pray it won't be long. We also have double pane windows, ours are for the heat. I think they help. Hope you're enjoying a good day.

  10. I will make muffins when it cools off! Yours sound yummy!