Saturday 30 September 2023

Saturday Chit Chat


As we usually do on Saturday mornings we drove to Willband  Creek and walked the path in dense fog. We were lucky enough to spot the American Bittern that others have posted about but so far had eluded us. Now it was quite close to the bridge, near the small dam that the beavers built.  I think it's such an unusual bird. Here's a picture I didn't take but in case you are not familiar with this bird.

After we came back home Eldest Daughter and Youngest Son came to power wash the house. It's nice to get that done. They stayed for lunch and now that they've left DH is having a rest. He said watching them work tired him out... *smile*.   Seeing as the sun is shining I'll leave the housework and go putter outside. I think I'll wipe out and put all the tea cups away until next Spring.
What are you doing on this last day of the month?

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Oh yes. I did see the Harvest Moon last night.

Betsy: I made sure that the ferns are hardy in our zone ( which is 7) so they should be fine left outside.
I may put them under cover though because of our very wet and often windy winters.





  1. How nice to have the house power washed!!
    Hard to believe this is the last day of Oct!!!!

  2. It sounds like a lovely place to walk Granny. And what a blessing to have someone power wash your house. Do you think they could come do mine too (wink)
    Its a bit of a miserable day today and I have the sniffles (again) so while MrD is pottering in the garage, Im doing a bit of Christmas stitiching
    Stay well
    Phoebe x

  3. That is a very unusual looking bird. You are so blessed to have children that help you out with the bigger jobs around the house. I saw the moon last night too and tried to get a photo but it didn't look very impressive. :-) Thanks for the fern information. I was curious as to how they would do. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  4. Welcome to October :)
    I sat and watched the moon last night for a while. It was so big and beautiful hanging just above the trees :)

  5. I love how those bitterns "freeze" in one place

    My new blog is here

  6. Love the way bitterns *freeze*.

    My new blog

  7. It must be exciting to have seen this bird!

  8. Wonderful to see a bittern. I have only heard them, and that was in France.

  9. That's a big bird too! Happy October dear GM. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  10. I have never seen one of those birds. I am cutting back plants and collecting all the little things I put around the yard and put in the shed.
    we are having a lovely fall

  11. Happy October 1st! I hope you had a lovely Sunday!

  12. Saturday we went for a trail ride! Visited a cemetery:)

  13. I am not familiar with that bird. It is very unusual looking. Must have been a thrill to see it in person.
    How nice to enter October with a freshly power washed house.

  14. Amazing nature around you with special birds! This kind also you find in Europe, but not so often. Great, that your son and daughter helped you to wash the house! It made me a smile to read, that DH got tired watching them working :) Like a fairy story I see you in your garden washing all the decoration-cups!

  15. The Moon was bright! lol Went out with the dogs...a nice night.
    Sweet kids to "wash the house" for you!