Saturday 11 November 2023

Autumn Storm


 We had quite the storm overnight with strong winds and lots of rain. There were ferry cancellations and power outages. I saw on the news that an estimated 170,000 BC Hydro customers were affected. DH made sure our generator was ready to be used if necessary but thankfully we were okay. The back yard is littered with branches. On our walk we saw lots of branches on the ground as well.

Our artificial Christmas tree is standing in the sunroom waiting for me but so far all I've done is straighten out the branches that always get crunched and I found the tree skirt and put that around the bottom. We'll see if in the coming week I get busy and bring out the boxes I need. Maybe putting on some Christmas music will inspire me.

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  1. Sounds like quite a storm. Glad to hear your power stayed on.
    Great quote.

  2. Oh you have had a stormy weather too! Well its Autumn for sure...
    Take care and have a great Sunday!

  3. I'm glad that you were able to keep your electricity during the storm. I have our new tree in the guestroom closet. We'll wait to put it up until the first days of December. I'm looking forward to seeing your tree up and decorated.
    Blessings and hugs,

  4. Really a true quote written on the stone! (Do I see snow in the background?)
    Here in the Bavarian Forest it is also stormy, but not too much.. I hope my animals under the broken roof keep safe! Thanks goodness you are safe! We have snow now in the higher regions and it is cold now. So I feel Christmas approaching..

    Have good inspirations for your Christmas-tree!

  5. Not decorating for Christmas yet, we yet to have our Thanksgiving which is in about 10 days. Time is speeding up, we've been through our fall, the leaves, pumpkins, and here we arriving at the Holiday Season already. On a bright note...the seed catalogs will be arriving heralding spring

  6. Glad you made it through the storm!!

  7. Oh my goodness, those wind storms sure make a mess. We've had plenty here. Drives me crazy until all the sticks and limbs are picked up. I need to start thinking about decorating for Christmas. Time goes by so fast now, it will all be over before we know it. Have fun decoratine.

  8. Glad you didn't lose power. We just had our generator all tuned up.
    I want to get my tree out this week

  9. I'm so glad that you didn't lose power. I remember several years back when a storm went through and we were without power for 8 days. It was an adventure and we got through it, but not something that I'd like to do on a regular basis. "The question is not what you look at, but what you see." Love that!

  10. The storm mostly passed over us. I'm glad it's over. Since we always have a real tree, we wait until well into December before putting ours up. But I may begin with a few other decorations little by little.

  11. Thanks for the comment on my blog today. I meant to say dropped the DVD off at the Library, NOT the post office.. I corrected it on my blog. Thank You. :)

  12. Sounds quite a storm!
    Here in the UK we have been experiencing some too.

    Stay safe and warm.

    All the best Jan

  13. You are way ahead of me on the Christmas tree front! I have wanted one of those wooden scandi trees for a while so I found one one sale and ordered it. I will see what happens when it gets here!