Tuesday 4 June 2024

Morning Walk

 Light rain was falling when we left on our walk. I took some pictures as we made our way along our    usual path .  Construction continues on the building overlooking the lake.  We've heard say that these places are very expensive, obviously only the rich will be buying them. 


 The lake is once again becoming covered with waterlilies.

 Something unusual we saw was a number of ducklings being cared for by a duck and also a goose. We stopped to watch to see if the goose was just  passing by, but no. It was actively helping mama duck with her brood.  You can just barely see the little ones but they're there, in both pictures.  ( It was raining and they were not close by hence the poor pictures.)

 more geese

 An interesting stump

 Today is the last day of rain for a while. We're looking forward to seeing sunshine!!

Thanks for coming by,  GM


  1. I hope you get lots of sunshine! What a kind goose! Babysitting!

  2. What a miracle: two mamas for the little ducks! I love to hear this - it#s like a glimpse of paradise.

    We had heavy rain in Bavaria, VERY heavy, a catastrophe - but thanks goodness not here in the Bavarian Forest. We just had rainy days and the forest needed it urgently. Climate is crazy all over the world...

  3. I always love to see when animals do unexpected things like that. :)
    Hope you get your sunny day tomorrow.

  4. That is a modern Dad right there lol. sorry you have had so much rain we had rain most of last summer so hoping for better this year.

  5. We are looking forward to sunshine too!

  6. How great that the goose and duck were working together to take care of the babies! What a fun place to walk.

  7. How sweet of the goose to help the Mama duck. That stump looks like it had a bad haircut! Ha!

  8. How interesting that a goose was helping mother duck with her ducklings. I would have enjoyed watching that too.

  9. We're looking forward to sunshine, too. It's shining now at 7:30 pm and hopefully will continue. The goose helping to watch over the ducklings would be interesting to watch.

  10. We had little sun shine everybody was happy, but today back to rain!
    I love geese i only see them in the Netherlands unfortunately.
    My neighbours have three domestic geese and I love to hear them.

  11. Love the ducks!
    We are still getting rain! So unusual for central Texas!