Tuesday 18 June 2024

Tuesday Chit Chat



Good Morning!!  The sun is trying to shine and it looks like we'll have a lovely day.  I took my camera along on my walk earlier but found nothing picture worthy so I stole a picture off the 'net.

After I got back I thought I'd spend some time deadheading in the front garden. All was going well until I lost my balance and fell crushing a poor Campanula.   Kitty, who had been 'helping' me, was no use at all. If she were a dog ( think of Lassie) she would have gone for help. As it was I was left to struggle to my feet on my own. Strange how in recent years I've lost the ability to get up off the floor/ground. In any case, no neighbours saw me ( I hope) and all ended well. 

I've heard it said that unfortunate things tend to happen in three's.  Yesterday I turned the toaster oven on and after a few minutes the interior was filled with flames!  I quickly unplugged it but the bottom element is finished :(  . We mainly use the upper (broil) feature so can continue using it while keeping a look out for a replacement.  Now that's TWO things. Should I be watching for a third?

Thanks for coming by,  I love to read your comments so don't be shy.   GM


  1. Getting up gracefully can be a struggle. Hope you didn't hurt yourself!

  2. A quiet day is a good day. :)

  3. My goodness, Granny M. You mention the poor campanula, but what about you? I hope you weren't hurt at all.
    Hopefully, finding nothing to photograph can count as one of the "bad three things."
    The flames must have been frightening so it was good you could react so quickly.
    Take care, Mxx

  4. Falling is just no fun. Remember when we were younger, if we took a tumble we would just bounce right back up, no problem? I have such a bad knee that getting up alone is nightmarish any more. I do my best not to fall, but havevtaken a few dives in the past couple years.
    I am glad you are okay, and hurt nothing more than your dignity and the poor campanula. I hope both recover quickly!

  5. I hope you didn't hurt yourself in the fall. I have a hard time getting up and down off the floor too. Probably if I lost some weight it would be easier. I haven't heard of unfortuntate things in threes but have heard of deaths in threes. We've had two in the past week. I hope that's it.

  6. Sorry to hear of your fall and the toaster oven dying!!
    Love the little house and the quote.

  7. OH MY!!! I hate to hear of anyone falling . . . I'm still recovering from my fall in March. I'm so glad you're okay. Yes, it seems things happen in threes, sure hope that's not true for you. Love the pic you took from the internet, good message for sure.

  8. That was too much of the wrong kind of excitement, it seems to me. As you were able to type on your computer, I trust you are not injured too badly; you might not "feel it" until tomorrow...

    Gretchen Joanna

  9. Luckily nothing serious happened to you and the two accidents are nothing!
    More and more often I go out for photography and I can't find anything worth photographing!
    Life goes on, let's move forward!

  10. I hate that you fell and j iw how hard it can be to get up. So glad you were able to unplug the toaster oven...let's hope there is no third thing.

  11. I was just saying yesterday to Barb that is sure harder and harder to get up off the ground and I'm doing it intentionally!

  12. I love both the picture and the quote at the top of the post.

    I'm so sorry to hear of your fall. Getting down and up aren't nearly as easy as they used to be. I'm just thankful that you weren't hurt.

    The toaster oven incident was a bit scary. I wouldn't look for a #3. 💜💚

  13. Oh my dear Granny Marigold! It was a hard situation lying on the floor and nobody came to help you getting up again. Sometimes we only have our guardian-angel - - maybe Kitty saw him. My shepherd-friend Xaver often says in such situations: "I was so lucky! Nothing worse happened!" So I mam glad, that you were safe and nothing was broken and no fire came around your toaster. The Lord safes his friends. It is not necessary to wait for a third happening.
    Best greetings from Dori from the Bavarian Forest