Wednesday 10 July 2024




Good Morning!  It's going to be very very warm again today. When I'm done here I should go and shut all the windows, especially on the south side. 


Flowers on the table, gifted from Eldest Daughter

 Perennial Sweet Peas just coming into bloom. So far just 2 shades of pink. They don't last long in the heat.

Just for fun......

Thanks for visiting,  Stay cool.


  1. Not going to buy the old house! Lovely flowers.

  2. Hmm, I think I would always hear Vincent Price's spooky voice echoing in the walls of that old house even if it was redone....or perhaps I am the only one who remembers him from old 1960's horror films?

  3. Oh, I find those sweet peas flowers so beautiful. They used to grow along the green fence that separated our garden from the neighbors'. Is it getting that warm? Not fun. Maybe taking a foot bath would be nice? And reading? Warm regards from the Netherlands.


  4. Your daughter chose some very pretty flowers for you. I didn't know you could get perennial sweet peas - had to look it up! That house must have been a Grand Old Lady in her day, but I'm not sure I would want to renovate her. Enjoy your day :)

  5. The perennial sweet peas are blooming along the roadsides here. I would love to have some in my garden.

  6. There would be a time I'd love to fix up that old house. We've done it before!! Not one that big though. Now I like living exactly where I do in the house that I do. :). Pretty flowers. All our windows are open and it is very windy so it is nice and cool.

  7. We had a very warm day today also...91F but now we are receiving wind from the hurricane and the current temperature is 70F. We were supposed to get some rain from the hurricane too but that didn't happen.

    Just for fun...if money was no object and I could hire someone to do the work I would definitely fix up the old house.

    The flowers from your eldest daughter are lovely.

  8. Warm summerdays also here now. Let's enjoy the heat with fine juice and love the shade of the trees. Your flowers are amazing! I love the colors!!

  9. Those flowers are so pretty...wish I had some of the sweet peas. As for the house, if money were no object, sure I would fix it up. I would love to see the inside...

  10. It's a very beautiful gesture to have someone give you flowers!!
    You see them and it makes you feel better!!
    They are so beautiful!!
    I would definitely not buy the house, I prefer something ready!!

  11. Oh yes if money were no object I can see me working on that house! Pretty flowers! Especially the Sweet peas.

  12. Love the flowers and YES...I would fix up that old house...