Sunday 6 October 2019

This and That

We had a quiet weekend. The weather was fairly pleasant, for October.  Went to a craft fair on Saturday ( I forgot my camera at home) but the prices were high and there really was nothing I liked enough to buy it. It must be discouraging for the crafters who put so much time and work into their lovely products, sit behind their tables all day. When we were there in the morning I didn't see many people buying but hopefully as the day went on sales picked up.

We went on a drive to an area out of town and discovered that Abbotsford has a Hindu temple. We didn't go inside, just admired the building and took some pictures.  The garbage cans , although  necessary, would have been better tucked away a bit more.

Happy Monday. Have a good week!!

               Granny Marigold


  1. I was interested to see that the temple you saw was at a place called Abbotsford. We visited the home of Sir Walter Scott in Scotland a few years ago and it is called Abbotsford. It is a gorgeous house and I could quite easily have moved in and stayed!

  2. That temple is a beauty, and I love what you did in the other photos...the real berries on top of the picture with berries.

  3. Pretty building, yes too bad they didn't think about garbage when they did the design:)

  4. GM, your October posts are inspiring me to take some time this week and enjoy the change of month and season. I usually do that, but this year I'm kind of frazzled and too busy :( I love that last picture.
    I sell at a market each week, and yes it is discouraging when sales are VERY low. But there is something that a crafter can DO, to avoid that discouragement! LOWER her prices! If there are customers there, walking by, that means at some level they are willing to spend a little money, if you're willing to give them a price they can be excited by. I price my wares low (my hubby tells me too low), but they sell quickly, and I love the joy of the sales, I do. Why make stuff if you're just gonna take it back home?