Sunday 27 October 2019

This and That

I've been keeping these old milk bottles for years and I'm ready to get rid of them My oldest granddaughter, Kate, has expressed an interest so I'll ask her if she still wants them.

My DH's first job was as a milkman delivering milk in just such bottles door to door. He remembers that the cost of a quart of milk was .21 and how annoying it was to make change. Why not just .20 or .25?  He also remembers that his route took him past the local high school at noon and how students would flock to his truck to buy chocolate milk in half pint cartons ( which cost 8 cents).

My poor Amaryllis  have had no water since August but still are so slow in going dormant.  Since they'll need at least 6 weeks of dormancy they better hurry up or none will bloom in time for Christmas. ( If I'm correct then dormancy only begins when all their leaves have yellowed and fallen off).

How do you like my Broccoli tree?   It's actually one of those ornamental Kale but the bottom leaves turned yellow and limp so I plucked them off and this is the result.

I hope you're having a pleasant Sunday.  Here the sun is shining and although the temperature was just one degree above freezing this morning because the sun is shining in the windows it seems very lovely.

Thanks for coming by,  G.M.


  1. The milk bottles remind me of school days when we were given a small bottle of milk to drink each day. It was horrid!

  2. I do like the broccoli tree :) I have some old, glass creamer containers. So tiny and I like to put flower buds in them.

  3. I had an Ornamental Kale plant last year in the late Summer/early Fall until it snowed. It looked amazing! But this year, our greenhouse didn't have any. I'll have to look earlier next year.

    Busy day today. It was sunny until late afternoon and then it became cloudy a few hours ago, the wind picked up and some snow started to fall. Hope it doesn't snow hard. Supposed to be plus 6 to plus 8 all week so if it does, it'll melt away!

    Have a great night!

    X Chy

  4. Your milk bottles are lovely.
    I too had a few of those , but gave them to my oldest daughter as I was doing a bit of purging.

    How cute is your little broccoli tree. 😉

    It's been a quiet Sunday here with cooler temperatures. We have a snow storm coming in tonight, tomorrow and part of Tuesday. Time to hunker down by the fire for a few days, maybe even do some baking.

    Take care ♡

  5. I remember when the milkman delivered milk to our house in those bottles. Your broccoli tree is cute!

  6. The old milk bottles are charming, especially the story of the milk deliveries. Such a different pace to life back then, it seems. I cherish those slower days when they happen along. I hope your amaryllis cooperate with your bloom-in-time for Christmas plans. I have forced bulbs a time or two, but never tried to rebloom the same bulb another year. I usally plant them outside and see how they fare with our seasons. Have had some reblooms that way with lilies, but no luck with amaryllis.

  7. Your ornamental kale looks so lovely in that pretty little pot. Nothing ever was so good as chocolate milk in one of those little glass bottles! :~) Our weather news is for temperatures to dip below freezing by middle of the week. We are getting ready.

  8. My father-in-law picked up milk from the dairies when he was young...when he started, he was picking up the milk cans. One of them filled with milk weighed almost as much as my father-in-law. Before he quit driving for the Co-op, they had switched to the tankers.
    I like you 'tree.' I never try to grow anything inside...just don't have a lot of luck here.

  9. I have one old milk bottle, I use it as a vase for my dried flowers. Nice thick glass. I bet the milk in the bottles was cold and delicious. Something about milk in glass. We can buy milk in glass bottles here, they don't look like these of course, sometimes, when we drink it all up. I wash out the bottles, and put milk from the plastic jug in there. So eye appealing...

  10. I remember getting milk delivered to the door as a kid.
    When we lived in Scotland in the 70's we got it delivered too!
    I have a collection of milk bottles. I only collect the ones with writing on them though.
    My mom lived on a dairy farm as a kid and they didn't save any bottles. I'm always on the lookout for one. It would have Schapers Dairy on it.

  11. It's 62* here this morning. We probably won't see freezing temps until January if then. I am glad for the cooler temps we are having, makes it nice to be outside. Enjoyed visiting with you this morning, hope you have a good day.

  12. Oh my mercy! I have never seen a broccoli tree before! How neat! I want one now! Love your old milk bottles. How neat. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  13. I have fond memories of the milkman days. I even crawled through our neighbor's milk chute when she locked herself out of the house. Despite my big downsize, I did keep a few of the old milk bottles, a glass yogurt bottle and an old eggnog bottle. .21 does seem like a strange price. I can see your husband's point on that.

  14. Hi Granny Marigold, Don't you wish the price of milk was that cheap nowadays! And to think the kidds drank milk instead of pop! Is that the kind of kale you eat or is that the ornamental one? Nancy

  15. I love your old milk bottles. I used to have some old ones with adverts on the side, but I sold them on ebay and regret it now. xx