Wednesday 15 March 2023

The Ides of March


What, you ask, am I posting now!  Always something crazy ... . kind of like the shape of my pies yesterday.  As Donna commented, she'd never thought of making pies that shape. The fact is I like to bake and I like to eat what I make BUT I'm also a 'bit' on the lazy side.  I try to get away with getting the maximum results from minimum effort. Consequently pies end up in unusual shapes, no 2 cookies seem to be the same size, and so on.  

On to the Ides of March. Here is what the internet has to say....

What is the Ides of March and what happened on the day?

Julius Caesar was actually assassinated on March 15 - the ides - of 44BC. He was stabbed 23 times by a group of Senators concerned about the amount of power Caesar commanded at the time. He was now dictator of Rome, declared emperor. It is said 60 to 70 Senators were part of the conspiracy to kill Julius Caesar.

Now you know. I wonder if any unpopular political figure nowadays could be eliminated ...not mentioning any names. 

After that I really should post something nicer.

 If you're still here I thank you for coming by today.  GM

 Note to Nellie who came by yesterday and left a comment. Unfortunately your blog is yet another that won't let me post a comment. Sorry. I so wish that issue would get resolved.


  1. Shakespeare's Julius Caesar is my all-time favorite play!! And,seriously, I stepped up to the dining room this morning and warned Bud to beware of the Ides of March.

  2. Hey there girl.... love your bunny rabbits. On another note, I have agreed to have an email sent to me every day with a new word for me to learn. I'm always wanting to learn something! Here's one for you... goes with what you said about the political figures... the word is Snollygoster. the meaning. A shrewd person especially a politican! I believe there are a bunch of snollygosters in Washington and I won't mention any names.

  3. Well, I’m not sure why my blog won’t let you post a comment. I do have comment moderation activated, and I have to take that extra step to click “publish” when I receive the email notification. I have intercepted quite a bit of spam that way. I’ve also heard that taxes were due on March 15. The Husband and I talked this morning about how we are able to recall quite a few Shakespearean quotes, but not the names of the plays that featured the lines.

  4. Love the last bunny picture. :)

  5. Cute bunnies. I told Dennis this morning, "Beware of the Ides of March." I remember learning about Julius Caesar in the 10th grade and for some strange reason I've never forgotten it. I don't remember anything else except how much I liked my English teacher, Mrs. Hopper. She was drop dead gorgeous and pregnant with her first child. Isn't it odd the things you remember?
    Blessings and hugs,

  6. O yes, "Die Iden des März!" Now it comes back in my sense! Important thoughts!
    The rabbit is clever, don't worry, be happy!
    I always love your creative kitchen-work, not crazy but delicious!!!!

  7. Aww your last two images are so cute :)

    All the best Jan

  8. Lol...yes...I can think of several!

  9. Well, since it's already March 16th, St Urho's Day, I won't worry to "beware the Ides of March".

  10. Perfection in baking is something I avoid - I like my things to LOOK homemade, because they are always so much better than commercial stuff!
    I've always felt a bit sorry for Julius Caesar :)

  11. I am glad to see you back! I like the bunnies, I have some to make but I am tired today and need a rest