Saturday 2 December 2023

Busy Saturday

 We were at Bateman Park early; few others were around. It was so lovely with the sun barely up. (Sunrise today was 7:41)


photo by Mike K. (fellow walker)

 When we got back we had a second cup of coffee before beginning some baking.  I had cooked up some cherries yesterday so that would be ready to make a pie today.  DH rolled out the dough (this time it was bought dough) and in no time the pie was in the oven. He prefers a crumble topping so that's what we did. There was enough dough left to make half a dozen Butter Tarts (another of his favourites).

Then I thought about what I should make for tomorrow when we get together to play Dominoes.  Chocolate covered balls are so easy so we made some of those. 

 One more thing that I want to do today and that is attend the open house at Trethewey house. It was closed for a few days so volunteers could decorate it for Christmas. The picture of the big tree in the main room is from last year but they put it in the same spot every year. I rarely miss a year of seeing it in this season.

For new followers I should mention that this house is in the park near the lake where we walk on weekday mornings.

I have nattered on long enough. Thank you for visiting today.  GM


  1. What a lovely Christmas-Tree!
    Delicious cakes for the time before Christmas!!

  2. Sunrise by you is quite a bit later than here!
    I'd love to tour the house.
    Would like one of those chocolate covered balls!!
    What a beautiful picture!!

  3. Yes a later sunrise than us in the north East. I love cherry pie.
    I would love to tour that house.

  4. I love that first beautiful. Your baking looks delicious. What fun to go on a Christmas house tour....

  5. Your baking always looks SO good! I wish I lived close by. I would be popping in for fresh baked treats often. :-) There was a house we liked to tour at Christmas when we lived here before. I should check and see if it's still open. That would be fun. Thanks for the reminder.
    Blessings and hugs,

  6. Your pie and tarts look amazing! My husband prefers a crumble topping as well. The house looks like it would be a wonderful place to tour.

  7. How charming this Christmas tree is!

  8. Do those chocolate covered balls have peanut butter filling inside? My neighbor used to make such a thing long ago, and called them Jingle Balls. I think I made them exactly once! But they are very yummy.


  9. What a pretty picture from your walk.
    I hope you were able to go on the tour.

  10. I too would visit that lovely home every year if I lived closer! It must be an impressive sight when all decorated for Christmas! We hope to have time to tour the Dalnavert House in Wpg this week when we will be in the city anyway. Your pie looks delicious. Do you always cook up the cherry filling before baking the pie?

  11. Your pie and the Peanut Butter Balls look great. Jen and I will bake this weekend:)